Donald Sultan

Artist: Sultan, Donald (USA)
Title: Veracruz, Nov. 18, 1986
Artist Birth Date: 1951
Medium: Painting (oil, tar, linoleum tiles, plaster on panel) Subject: Industrial landscape
Art Type: Original
Description: Industrial landscape of Mexican City Veracruz dramatically backlit with oil refinery fires. DimensionsFramed:961/2x In.Hx961/2In.Wx4In.D
Notes: Exhibitions & Publications:“1987 Biennial Exhibition Whitney Museum of American Art”, NYC, Mar 30 – Jun 29, 1987, introduction by Richard Armstrong, Richard Marshall & Lisa Phillips, illustrated pg 130.
Art News, Apr 1987, “Dark Poetry – Donald Sultan,” by Garrit Henry, ours illustrated pg 105.
“Donald Sultan”, Appoggiaturas, Philippe Sergeant, Portmanteau Press 1992, ours illustrated pg 53.
Provenance: Blum Helman Gallery, NYC, Laura Carpenter, Dallas and last owner Daniel Varenne Gallerie, Geneva who put into auction.
Exhibition: The Modern, Ft. Worth, Texas, “The Disaster Paintings”, 08.29.16 – 06.13.18 (multiple venues): Lowe, U. Miami, 09.29 – 12.23.16; The Modern Ft. Worth, 02.19 – 04.23.17; Smithsonian Am. Art Museum, Wash. D.C., 05.26 – 09.04.17; No. Carolina Museum, 09.23 – 12.31.17; Sheldon Museum of Art, 01.24 – 05.13.18.