Table and Its Belongings
Nelson Leirner

Artist: Leirner, Nelson (Brazil)
Title: Table and Its Belongings, 2002
Artist Birth Date: 1932
Medium: Sculpture (Ping pong table w/2 Venus’s & DVD)
Subject: Installation w/figures
Art Type: Original
Description: Acrylic ping pong table with 3000 ping pong balls and 360 paddles in acrylic cases (installed Judd style) and two armless plaster sculptures of Greecian Goddesses playing ping pong, with a DVD sound track.
DIMENSIONS: Ball cases 95x5x3”; Paddle cases 95x5x3”; Table 167x60x3”
Dimensions Framed: Ball Cases 95x5x3” H x Paddle Cases 95x5x3” W x Table 167x60x3” D
Notes: Exhibited: 25th Biennial De Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2003, Catalogue “25 Biennial De Sao Paulo Iconografias Metropolianas” edited & published by Alfons Hug, Curator & Director, illust. pg 153 -156.
Exhibited Basel Art Fair June, 2003, by Galeria Brito Cimino, Exhibition: Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, MCASD Downtown – Jacobs Building – Strauss Gallery. Exhibition of four (4) works from the Strauss Foundation Collection: Major installation by Nelson Leirner and three others (Tara Donovan, Sarah Morris, Deborah Oropallo). Nov. 14, 2013 – Feb. 2, 2014. Accompanied by publicity with forward by Chief Curator Kathryn Kanjo.
Exhibited: CCAE 2015: Jan 8 – Feb 22, 2015, California Center for the Arts Escondido, Main Gallery Exhibition. “Contemporary Constructions” with emphasis on the German impact on Contemporary Art