Deborah Oropallo

Artist: Oropallo, Deborah (USA)
Title: Stacked, 2000
Artist Birth Date: 1954
Medium: Painting (oil on canvas & Iris print)
Subject: Material handling drums
Art Type: Original
Description: Six painted metal drums in a post-Warhol sequence overlayed with an Iris print collage with a message about material handling.
Dimensions Framed: 94 In. H x 116 In. W x diptych In. D
Notes: Exhibited: Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, “Material Handling”, 2001
Exhibited with Monograph: “How To/The Art of Deborah Oropallo” essays by Merrill Falkenberg & Jeff Kelley, published by the San Jose Museum of Art, 2001, as part of a traveling exhibition, San Jose MOA Oct. 13, 2001 – Feb. 10, 2002; International Center for Contemp. Art, Tacoma, WA Nov, 10, 2002 – Feb. 7, 2003; Pallm Springs Museum, P.S., CA Apr.2, 2003 – Jun .29, 2002, ours illustrated on page 20 & pages 62 & 63 (fig. 42).
Exhibition: Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, MCASD Downtown – Jacobs Building – Strauss Gallery. Exhibition of four (4) works from the Strauss Foundation Collection: Major installation by Nelson Leirner and three others (Tara Donovan, Sarah Morris, Deborah Oropallo). Nov. 14, 2013 – Feb. 2, 2014. Accompanied by publicity with forward by Chief Curator Kathryn Kanjo.