Red Paintant
Fabian Marcaccio

Artist: Marcaccio, Fabian (Argentina)
Title: Red Paintant, 2001
Artist Birth Date: 1963
Medium: Painting (four panels of oil on canvas) Subject: Figurative Landscape
Art Type: Original
Description: Ominious pictorial war or terriorist scene with red blood, tomb stone & shaman depictions.
Dimensions Framed: 1.69 x 4 Ft H x 1.35 x 4 Ft W
Notes: Exhibited: Paralax Art Show, April – May 2002, Sao Paulo, Brazil, by Galerie Fortes Valaca.
Catalogue & Exhibition:: “Rotativa”, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo, 2002, by Galerie Fortes Valaca., ours page 26.
Exhibited: CCAE 2015: Jan 8 – Feb 22, 2015, California Center for the Arts Escondido, Main Gallery Exhibition. “Contemporary Constructions” with emphasis on the German impact on Contemporary Art