Form Into Uniform Into Formlessness
Rachel Lachowicz

Artist: Lachowicz, Rachel (USA)
Title: Form Into Uniform Into Formlessness, 1996
Artist Birth Date: 1964
Medium: Mixed Media (Digital, aluminum, plaster & fabric) Subject: Sculpture (installation various objects & video) Art Type: Original
Description: Digital created grid of a tennis skirt in motion, a corresponding wall piece with a transfer collage of the video objects, 9 panel blue enamel covered aluminum floor pieces & a video DVD.
Dimensions Framed: 62 In. H x 62 Wall In. W x 68x 69 Floor In. D
Notes: Exhibited: Shoshaha Wayne Gallery, May 1996.
Exhibited: University San Diego, Game Changer: New Media, Multiples from Matthew & Iris Strauss Family Foundation, Feb. 15 to Mar. 3; Exhibit Hall with 13 other Strauss Foundation works, brochure published,
Monograph, Rachel Lachowitz, Shona Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, Ca., Marquardt Books, Seattle, Wa. 2012, ours illus. centerfold pages 80/81
Exhibited: San Diego State University, Downtown Gallery, SDSU “Presence: Selections from the Strauss Family Foundation,” Sixteen artworks. Nov. 5, 2015 – Jan. 27, 2016. Curated by Professor Tina Yapelli